An hour of massage is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep
Research shows that massage therapy can cure your restless nights. An hour of massage is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep, which is the daily recommended amount of sleep for an adult. The levels of serotonin produced in your brain will increase during a massage, which in turn also increases your melatonin. Receiving regular massage will promote relaxation, which will help calm any anxiety, helping you fall asleep easier.

Massage  can help to reduce stress, improve blood flow, reduce pain, release tension, and even lower blood pressure. These beneficial results turn massage into a helpful aid in restoring a healthy sleep cycle. Massage in Dubai can be especially helpful when your trouble sleeping stems from stress, migraine headaches, and pain and muscle stiffness. Several studies have proven therapeutic massage can not only decrease lower back pain and headaches, but also by reducing the stress, anxiety and depression, it will make a good night’s sleep achievable. —

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After a Massage.

Whether you are in Dubai or anywhere else, this is something that you need to know. Sleep Deprivation is something serious.

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