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dune bashing

There is a 4-5 hour of super fun across the deserts of Dubai that you can travel. Try sand-boarding, you will love it. Yes, it’s on top of those Golden desert Dunes. What’s more. There would be things like Henna Tattoo. Belly Dances and camel rides before and after the nice Barbecue. There is an option for you to book longer hours, you can check that with a travel agent or check on those little booklets left on the shelves near the reception area.

camel-travel and Dubai massage

you got to do it.

Upon booking , you just wait at your hotel, those nice 4X4 would take you to the dunes with all things taken care of. If you need companionship for that you can call us for one. Be it just for a Dubai Massage or for a fun time at the desert.

Depending on the heat and the level of fun you had. You should feel exhausted, and that is the time for you to call on to the fantastic Masseuses for a great Massage in Dubai to top it off. Masseuses visit you direct to your hotel or your home (if you happen to stay with a friend). What you need to provide is your room number and your name. Normally it takes 30 to 40 minutes to reach you.

Do sit back and relax with your favourite bubbly and music to match with the deep relaxing massage. The outcall masseuse will take it away from there. How’s that for a comprehensive fun program? Not done yet? You might add going to the clubs for a dance with the girls, if you wish to.

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