Simple yet Sensational

As you must have read a lot or enjoyed on different types of Massages in Dubai.  There is one that you must try. It is the Four Hands Massage.

Wow! Four Hands. What do I need to do  to handle Four?

Four hands massage in dubai

4 hands

Well. Nothing. Just Relax as normal and you can feel the effects of Synchronized Massage with 2  Masseuses that are really good in managing themselves in order to provide you with the best massage in Dubai.

The Massage Method in a nutshell.

The way that they mirror each other on the movements and strengths, you would feel the pleasure and the effects NOT multiplied by 2.  Probably many times more. Just imagine listening music on a Mono setting versus a Stereo. You can really tell the difference.  Even though it sounds like 2 girls are doing the same thing., in actual, they are not exactly Left side or Right side only. It could be head and legs or Lower back and Upper back with seamless motion for the optimal relieve and satisfaction when it is done right.

Four Hands. Massage in Dubai.


Morever,  it promotes Blood Flow and Circulation which is extremely enjoyable during the process of well choreographed movements. Thereby,  in a very powerful way, reduces Stress and Fatigue that you so need in your everyday challenges.  You can see 1+1 is not 2 in this respect.

What’s more. It can be a lot of fun chatting  up with 2 charming girls, if you enjoy doing that. Some said it took a big deal of stress away from themselves just by having chats with the girls. Do you believe it ?

How do I book a Four Hands Massage?

You can call +971 50 957 9927 for Outcall Massage Services Bookings.  Inform that you would like to have a Four Hand Massage. The Gorgeous Masseuses would travel to you hotel or home in 30 to 40 Minutes.