What are the options for Downtown Dubai Massage?

One of the most iconic places in the planet to reside in. Downtown Dubai has so many Top Class Hotels and within the area, the Tallest Tower in the World, Burj Khalifa. This is the place where everyone that comes to Dubai is considered a Must Go-To area.  Lets take a look at the place then the Massage-options at Downtown Dubai Massage.

Downtown Dubai Massage

What’s in Downtown Dubai?

The Largest Mall in Asia, The Dubai Mall, will make you consistently visit during your stay. Whether having a meal or Shopping or Musical Fountain or just enjoying the crowd that comes from virtually every region of the world.

The Celebrations that happen in New Year is always top Class in DownTown Dubai.  It is so significant every year that the world could see it LIVE on youtube.  IF you happen to be in Dubai, you would not want to miss it viewing the Fireworks and performances in person at the venue.

At the end of every Celebration, Fun and Drinks. You would need to Unwind and get ready for the subsequent day! You need to be in good shape even when partying, yes.  What is the best way to Unwind is to have a Super Relaxing massage in Downtown Dubai. A Luxurious VIP massage is only fitting for the class of Downtown and yourself.

Armani Spa

Armani Spa

The Armani spa is one of the best that you could find. Luxurious and the brand name says it all. The attention to detail is superb. Situated at the Armani hotel at Burj Khalifa.  The life Spa environment reflects Armani lifestyle and design philosophies, with LIBERTA and FLUIDITA therapies.

The Spa Palace Downtown

Palace Downtown

With views of the tranquil Burj Lake and an exotic Arabian décor, The Spa at The Palace Downtown. The Spa offers traditionally inspired therapies to stimulate the senses, relax the body and restore spiritual balance.


Outcall Services to your room.

If you prefer VIP Luxurious services at your hotel room, you can book a session by contacting Dubai Massage Point. +971 50 957 9927

Customization services in forms of Japanese Massage, Thai Massage, and Swedish massage.

Four Hands

Four Hands Massage is one that you must try. That is, Two Masseuses providing synchronized strokes to produce the best relaxation to you in Downtown Dubai Massage.

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